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Sabong International is the Philippines’s top e-sabong platform from where you can bet on matches between two gamefowls. Sabong itself is an extremely popular blood sport where two fighting roosters typically fight to the death or until one chicken can no longer continue fighting.

Sabong International

Start betting on online sabong matches through this platform and take advantage of certain bonuses and promotions.

Sabong International Bonuses and Promotions

Playing through Sabong International gives players access to several bonuses and promotions they can use for online sabong. Some of these are the following:

100% Welcome Bonus

100% Welcome Bonus

The Sabong International welcome bonus is a 100% welcome bonus with a max bonus cap of 25,000.

.4% Rebate

.4% Rebate Bonus

Sabong International offers rebates to help players get some of their money back after losing. The .4% rebate is available for players who deposited at least 100.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Players can participate in the Wheel of Fortune bonus by logging into Sabong International and completing the Daily Mission. Prizes range from some change for bonus money to a few Apple gadgets.

VIP Bonus

VIP Bonus

All players are automatically enrolled into the VIP program. Players start at Level 0 and gradually go up to Level 20, depending on the total deposit amount.

Sabong Tournament Accumulates Bet Rewards

Sabong Tournament

Players can take part in online sabong tournaments where the top 10 bettors who accumulated the valid number of bets can win up to 500,000 PHP.

Why Is Online Sabong Popular in the Philippines?

E-sabong itself is extremely popular in the Philippines as it makes sabong more accessible for bettors who don’t have any local cockpits where they live. Online sabong typically works by livestreaming or pre-recording actual matches and allowing bettors in online casinos and online betting sites to place bets as if they were in traditional cockpits.

Why is Online Sabong Popular

The format per match remains the same as that of traditional live matches and still consist of the ulatan, ruweda, the match proper, and the carreo that decides the match winner. Additionally, online sabong effectively mimics the atmosphere present in actual cockpits so players can still feel as if they’re betting as if they commuted to a cockpit.

Other Top Online Sabong Sites Reviewed

With online sabong being extremely popular in the Philippines, some people will want to learn more about the different cockfighting platforms that are still in operation today. Check out the different platforms and our reviews on these sabong sites and our table below for the top bonuses.

E-Sabong SiteTop Bonuses
Diamond SabongNone, dependent on casino or betting site powered by provider, including Sabong International Sabong Tournament
R88None, dependent on casino or betting site powered by provider
PH SabongWatch Threesome LIVESHOW FOR FREE after downloading the app

These are some of the top online sabong platforms in the Philippines, with a lot more offering lower quality or subpar services and bonuses. Still, these platforms excel at providing cockfighting services that incentivize players to register and keep playing on the platform. Written below are some of the most notable qualities of the different platforms:

Besides these platforms, players had access to other sites during the pandemic that are now unfortunately no longer operational. These are the following:

Any platform that seems operational bearing the names of the platforms above are likely fakes unless Atong Ang restarts Pitmasters Live.

Sabong International App

The Sabong International App can be downloaded by scanning the QR code below using the player’s smartphone. Alternatively, players can check out our APK download guide.

Sabong International app QR code

Bettors can start betting on online sabong matches by downloading and installing the Sabong International app. This method of betting on sabong matches initially became popular in 2020 when players were forced to stay indoors due to the global pandemic at the time. Today, using the app is still popular due to how convenient it is compared to looking for and going to actual cockpits. Only an APK file is available so iOS users will need to settle with using our mobile-optimized website to play.

Registering in Sabong International

Register in Sabong International

The registration process is extremely simple and straightforward and players will only need to provide the following to get started:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Mobile number
  • Full name
  • Currency used
  • Optional referral ID

After the initial registration, players will need to provide a valid ID to verify their account and be able to withdraw real money after winning some sabong bets and getting bonus money.

Logging in only requires players to provide their registered username and password.

Online Sabong VS Local Cockpit Sabong

While both online sabong through Sabong International and sabong through local cockpits are similar, the experiences still have their respective differences. Traditional sabong is arguably more exciting since bettors will be right in the thick of it and see the different gamefowls that local breeders will bring. Plus, bettors will be guaranteed that they’re betting live instead of betting on pre-recorded matches.

Online sabong vs local cockpit sabong

Even if traditional sabong is better experience-wise, online sabong is much more flexible and bettors won’t have to commute just to start betting. All they’ll need is an internet connection to be able to start betting and they can even do so using only through a mobile phone. There’s no sacrifice and bettors can still watch the match through the same platform.

Main Advantages of Playing Online Sabong

Main advantages of playing online sabong

Betting through Sabong International has several advantages, including the following:

Bonuses and Promotions for Bigger Wins

The most attractive advantage that online sabong has over traditional sabong is the fact that Sabong International offers bonuses and promotions. These bonuses help players win more real money once they fulfill certain rollover requirements.

Conveniently Bet Anywhere

The convenience of online betting goes beyond desktop platforms. Most online casinos and sabong sites offer dedicated mobile apps, enabling gamblers to bet from their homes or anywhere with an internet connection.

Online sabong bettors will be able to bet on live sabong matches anywhere as long as they have internet connection. This is the main advantage of online betting.

Low Minimums and High Maximums

Online cockfighting sites cater to a broad audience by allowing users to place both small and large bets. For instance, on, bets can be placed with a minimum of 20 PHP, catering to a diverse range of betting preferences.


Online sabong is the online betting version of standard sabong betting where players will bet on cockfighting matches. Sabong itself is a blood sport where two roosters will fight to the death in a cockpit.

Sabong International. You should consider betting on matches through us instead of relying on other platforms.

Yes. We not only offer odds but also livestreams of the actual matches so you can see whether your rooster wins or not.


Sabong International is a reputable and popular online betting platform for cockfights where bettors will be able to watch matches and place bets. This is even better since bettors won’t have access to sabong powerhouses like Pitmasters Live anymore as they’ve ended their operations in 2023.

Start betting on online sabong matches at Sabong International today. Try out our exclusive bonuses and promotions too.

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Manny Perez is a seasoned sabongero and gamefowl breeder with extensive experience in betting on sabong matches, pitting his own gamefowls against other birds in the cockpits, and breeding his own birds. While he had mixed results in his matches, he’s received enough experience and know-how to be knowledgeable enough to know how to win, which breeds are the best for fighting, and how he can develop excellent birds for matches and other needs. Today, he’s attempting to create new meat birds to revitalize the Philippine meat industry but he still dips into gamefowl breeds with Malays and Asils from time to time.

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