Manny Perez

Manny Perez

Manny Perez is a sabong enthusiast and an aspiring gamefowl breeder from the cockpits of Cebu. Manny has spearheaded Sabong International’s efforts to guide both bettors and breeders to have more successes in the cockpits and to help develop new chicken breeds and bloodlines mainly for cockfighting but also other purposes.

Manny Perez’s Early Years and Career

Born on October 6, 1993, Manny has been interested in gamefowl, meat bird, and egg-layer breeds ever since he was young. Although he did not participate in cockfighting until he was much older, he’s delved deep into how certain breeds can be improved, revitalized, and developed and has even experimented with the popular Kelsos and Asils and have even tried developing meat birds similar to the Cornish birds.

Early years and career

When Manny finally reached the legal gambling age, he started pitting some of his own birds in the local cockpits and has seen mixed results from his matches. Today, he’s focused on developing his own gamefowl breeds for sale instead of competing in local matches and tournaments. As such, he began researching on the different breeds he can use to cross with his birds and create new bloodlines.

Manny Perez’s Authorship and Advocacy

After moving to Makati, Manny began authoring gaming and breeding guides to help bettors spot excellent birds to bet on and breeders know which breeds they can use to create new bloodlines in the Philippines. This is especially important since different birds fare differently in temperate and cold climates. Using the wrong bird for cockfights or for breeding can be disastrous for certain breeders, unless they plan to aggressively convert a certain bird into a new breed that can survive in the Philippines, like when the Phoenixes and Yokohamas were made in Europe after their earliest predecessors died out.

Authorship and advocacy

Manny aims to breed new birds and revitalize and propagate old and dying breeds to increase their numbers and thrive once more. He now wishes to contribute to increasing the number of Malays not only to bring them back to the cockpits but also to ensure that they won’t be endangered anytime soon. As such, he focuses on producing content to address these concerns.

Besides his advocacy in breeding new birds and reviving old breeds, he also advocates for responsible betting practices to ensure that sabongeros like him won’t go bankrupt while playing.

Industry Expertise

Manny’s main field of expertise is in breeding birds, albeit not to the point of breeding champions that can triumph in every cockpit.  He’s experienced a lot of defeats in the cockpits but he has successfully bred some bountiful meat birds and egg-layers as well as a few good fighting birds to cross with other breeds and bloodlines.

Industry expertise

He’s confident enough to provide advice on how bettors should play and spot good birds to bet on. While his birds didn’t guarantee him wins, he was fortunate enough to have spotted birds with Shamo, Radio, and Malay lineages in the cockpits he played in and has won a lot of matches as a result. Because of this, he aims to empower other bettors so that they may be able to win more of their wagers.


With his wealth of knowledge regarding sabong and the different gamefowl breeds participating in matches, he’s become an invaluable asset to Sabong International. He’s been able to help other bettors win a lot of their wagers and make some real money while also constantly advising them to bet responsibly.

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