Live Sabong Betting | Live Online Sabong Matches in the Philippines

Sabong is a popular blood sport where breeders typically pit the gamefowls they bred for fighting into the cockpits where they fight to the death. Both breeders and the audience can typically bet on the matches, which is usually the entire point of the matches. While breeders will typically have no choice but to go to cockpits to bet, more casual bettors can instead resort to live sabong betting through e-sabong platforms like Sabong International.

Live sabong

Betting on e-sabong matches is far more convenient than going to traditional cockpits, especially when there aren’t any nearby where a particular bettor is located. Betting on live sabong matches online allows bettors to bet on live matches from the comforts of their home while experiencing nearly the same atmosphere as in traditional cockpits.

What is Live Sabong?

Live online sabong is the online version of cockfighting wherein online casinos and e-sabong apps like Sabong International provide a livestream of sabong matches for bettors to wager on. This is typically thanks to online sabong providers like DS88 or Diamond Sabong who provides a livestream of sabong matches held in a cockpit.

What is live sabong?

Bettors who have their speakers or headsets on will be able to hear the commentator commentate on the matches and the noise of the roosters echo in the cockpit. The provider handles betting integration and bettors will be able to place bets before a match starts and will be able to receive their winnings a few minutes after a match ends.

The experience in live sabong matches is pretty similar to that of traditional sabong as both matches are held live and the cockpit’s staff do nearly everything that traditional staff do. The ulatan and ruweda still goes on and winners are still decided during the carreo.

How Does Online Sabong Work?

As mentioned before, online casinos and other betting sites can offer sabong matches through live sabong providers like Diamond Sabong. The Diamond Sabong API provides the livestreamed fights and integrates well with a betting site’s software to allow bettors to place bets and cash out on their winnings.

How does online sabong work?

For the actual betting side, players will need to bet on either Meron or Wala. Diamond Sabong does not distinguish between the two and whether one gamefowl is the favorite or not is entirely dependent on how many players are betting on a particular bird. DS88 features dynamic odds that change depending on how many players have staked on them. The odds change until all bets are announced closed and the final odds is decided on what value they stop on when bets are announced closed.

The fight proper consists of three stages, which are the following:


The ulatan is the pre-fight where gamefowls are paired against each other before being presented during the ruweda. This mostly happens off-screen and likely while other fights are ongoing. It is also in this stage when the birds are outfitted with blades for the fight.

All birds are paired fairly to ensure that there won’t be any odds fixing or cheating by pairing large birds with very small ones that won’t be able to perform well against giants. The pairings are decided based on the following:

  • Gamefowl’s size
  • Gamefowl’s height
  • Gamefowl’s weight
  • Gamefowl’s wingspan


The ruweda is the stage when the two competing roosters are presented to the crowd. In this stage, bettors will be able to study the participating roosters and discern which one is the better bird for the match. The handlers will show how well they move, how aggressive they are, and how high they typically fly. Based on these information as well as the breed of the particular bird, bettors should be able to gather enough information to make an informed decision and win.


Live sabong bettors must check the following:

  • Gamefowls’ breeds
  • Gamefowls’ health
  • Gamefowls’ aggressiveness
  • Gamefowls’ flight
  • Gamefowls’ temperament
  • Dynamic odds

Bettors will be able to witness the odds change during the ruweda so checking out which bird people think will be the winner and combining this information with your own analysis is a good way to discern which gamefowl has a better chance of winning.


During the fight proper, bettors will be able to see the birds fight until there is one clear winner. The handlers will drop the roosters into the pit and give them enough room to maneuver and fight and the referee will get the two birds to face off if one or both birds are wandering away from one another.


A match’s outcome is decided when one of the roosters is no longer moving. This is done during the carreo.

How to Start Live Sabong Betting

Bettors can start betting on Sabong International by first registering to the platform and depositing at least 100 PHP to the account. 100 is the minimum deposit amount in the platform and without at least 20 PHP, the minimum amount for a sabong bet, the livestream will be inaccessible.

How to start live sabong betting?

Bettors will have access to three bets in the platform, which are the Meron, Wala, and Draw. Bets on Meron and Wala are pushed when a draw occurs. If players want to win, they’ll need to learn some live sabong tips and know a lot more about the different gamefowl breeds to have a real chance of winning.

Is Sabong Betting Legal in the Philippines?

Is Sabong Betting legal in the Philippines?

Yes. Sabong betting is legal in the Philippines. The only catch is e-sabong technically isn’t but this doesn’t stop a lot of online casinos and betting sites to offer this when they’re powered by providers like DS88.


ive sabong betting is betting on sabong matches live in real-time and not on matches decided by RNG. Actual roosters are used in matches and players can actually pick which rooster to bet on through Meron or Wala. The matches are also livestreamed from actual cockpits.

Sabong International. The best place you can bet on live sabong matches is through Sabong International.

Again, Sabong International. Sabong International is powered by Diamond Sabong, which provides high-quality livestreams of sabong matches where bettors can clearly see the roosters and discern their breeds.


Live sabong betting is extremely popular online mainly because bettors no longer need to go to local betting shops to be able to place bets. Additionally, non-breeders won’t be intimidated by breeders who are also high rollers since they’ll be able to place bets anonymously without other people knowing. Non-breeders can confidently place bets and participate without getting jealous of actual breeders.

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