How to Spot a Legit Online Sabong Site

Betting on cockfights online is extremely popular and it can even potentially beat online casinos and casino games in terms of popularity. Because of this, scammers and bad actors may build scam websites to rob people or steal their personal data. Thanks to this potential threat, sabongeros will need to be careful where they register.

How to spot a legit online sabong site

If you’re just getting started in betting on live sabong matches and aren’t certain whether you should start with Sabong International, then you should learn how to pic the right platform and why we’re the correct choice. This is especially important since not all platforms are legitimate and some are outright made by cybercriminals and scammers.

Sabong International is committed to ensuring data privacy and keeping all your information secure. This is a clear sign of a legit online sabong site and other platforms are more focused on stealing information.

What Makes a Legit Online Sabong Site

Legit sabong sites will typically be regulated by PAGCOR and be powered by reputable providers when the platform doesn’t offer matches in-house. Some of the most notable platforms before multiple platforms closed down include Pitmasters, S888, WPC Online Sabong, Ph Sabong, and SW418. Today, several of these platforms are no longer operational or are only serving as hubs towards other casinos. Some of these names may also be currently used by scammers and bad actors to steal data.

What makes a legit online sabong site

When looking for reputable betting platforms, it’s important to look for PAGCOR regulation and reputable providers.


Trustworthy sabong sites are regulated by PAGCOR to ensure fairness and no match fixing. These platforms typically display the PAGCOR logo somewhere in the platform.

Powered by Reliable Gaming Provider

Sabong International is powered by DS88, which is a reputable online sabong provider that provides livestreams of sabong matches for bettors to bet on. Most online casinos and betting sites are powered by DS88 if they want to offer sabong betting options.

Diamond Sabong

Diamond Sabong offers straightforward betting options, focusing on Meron and Wala bets. The bets offered feature dynamic odds that change depending on how many people placed bets. The lower the odds, the larger the number of bets. The higher the odds, the lower number of bets.

Other betting sites may be powered by other providers, but most reputable platforms will be powered by Diamong Sabong.

Why Play through Sabong International?

Why play through Sabong International

Offers Multiple Transaction Methods

Sabong International offers multiple transaction methods that make the platform readily accessible to a wide range of bettors. Most reputable betting sites tend to offer multiple deposit and withdrawal options instead of just the most convenient methods and Sabong International does just this.

Bettors can place deposits through their GCash, Paymaya, and GrabPay accounts while withdrawals can be done mostly through online banks and a few other e-wallets.

Has a Functional Website

Most trustworthy betting sites have easily accessible platforms with exceptional UI and UX which ensures that betting through them is convenient. Many scammers forego this and prioritize setting up a platform instead of focusing on user experience, which resulted in a lot of their sites being hastily made, shoddy-looking, and lacking in actual utility.

Sabong International

Additionally, several of these sites either lack any content pages or only have AI-generated content with no helpful content whatsoever. Sabong International, however, focuses on ensuring that bettors will have a good experience navigating through our platform and learning how they can win through our betting guides.


Sabong International is an extremely popular online sabong platform where bettors will be able to bet on live sabong matches without worry about getting scammed. Sticking with us will eliminate the need to look for alternative betting sites and potentially getting scammed by bad actors. We offer live sabong matches through DS88 and we have multiple transaction methods.

Sabong International is a legit sabong site for you to register in. Start betting with us and win real money.

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