SW418 Review | Current Status and Rating

SW418 was a popular online sabong platform offering HD live streaming. Today, the platform is inaccessible and illegitimate platforms are operating in its name while old review pages now redirect players to other platforms.

SW418 review

It started out as one of the largest platforms in the Philippines and now the official Facebook page’s link to the platform leads to a vacant sw418.live domain that others can use to leverage the brand’s popular name.

SW418 Platform Review

SW418 parked domain

It is now impossible to play here since the site’s domain is up for grabs and no legitimate platforms exists today. If this restarts its operations, it could easily score a 4 out of 5. However, there seems to be no sign of it continuing operations any time soon, so giving out an official rating is pointless since bettors won’t be able to bet on matches here anyway.


No. This was not included in PAGCOR’s list of licensed operators.

Yes. It was one of the top online sabong platforms in the Philippines. Today, it is inaccessible as the domain is parked and up for grabs.


SW418 was a popular and one of the largest online sabong platform in the Philippines. Today, the domain is up for grabs and can potentially be used to either restart the platform or leverage the brand’s name for another operator’s cockfighting offerings.

Because this platform is currently non-functioning, we recommend betting through Sabong International instead. Sabong International is still operational today and we can guarantee that you’ll have enjoyable sabong experiences.

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