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It’s important that bettors will be able to contact a betting site’s customer support team should they encounter difficulties either downloading our e-sabong app or withdrawing real and bonus money. Technical issues can occur while betting online so bettors must know that they contact Sabong International’s customer support staff to provide any necessary assistance to players.

How to Contact Us and Our Customer Support Teams

Sabong International has a live chat widget and a Telegram channel from where players can contact our customer support staff. Both channels give players 24/7 access to our support teams. This is ideal not only for when asking for support but also to use our bonuses and promotions.

How to contact our customer support teams

Our support staff is knowledgeable in everything related to our platform, including the sabong rules and gameplay, requirements for cash withdrawals, and using our bonuses and promotions.

Live Chat

Our Live Chat channel is the most accessible support channel you can have as this is available on-site and players won’t have to leave the platform to ask for support. Connect through our live chat platform to have quick access to our support as you will first be connected to a chatbot until you narrow down your concerns to a specific issue. Once done, a skilled human will get in touch with you.

Telegram Channel

We also have a Telegram channel you can access to both receive timely updates and give you access to another live chat channel. If you’re playing through a computer, you can use your smartphone to communicate through Telegram.

WhatsApp Channel

You can contact us through our WhatsApp account as another live chat alternative. You will be able to easily send us text messages without worrying about spending prepaid load when texting us through WhatsApp.


You can send us an email to address any issues you might have. Unlike our live chat channels, you won’t receive timely 24/7 support through this contact method.


We also have several FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) sections to address the most common questions we receive regarding our platform. Some of these questions are the following:

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount is 100 PHP.

What are the deposit methods available?

  • Gcash
  • Paymaya
  • Grabpay
  • USDT

What are the available withdrawal methods?

To withdraw real money, register a bank account to our platform as your designated withdrawal method.

What are the requirements to withdrawal real money?

You must first complete the initial account setup process and the user verification process to be able to withdraw real money. The requirements for verifying an account and setting up withdrawal methods are the following:

  • User’s ID card
  • User’s bank account number
  • User’s debit/credit card information

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 PHP.

How do I withdraw bonus money?

The withdrawal process is the same as that of withdrawing real money, but first you must complete the rollover requirements to be able to withdraw.

What should I do if my withdrawal request is turned down?

Confirm that your account is indeed verified and that you’ve set up a withdrawal method. If the problem persists, contact our customer support team.

What should I do if I can’t log in to my account?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties logging in, contact our customer support team.

Sabong International Contact info

Get live chat support at our official website:
Email: [email protected]
Hotline: +639235676282
Address: 7556 Santillan, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines working time:
Monday is open 24 hours
Tuesday is open 24 hours
Wednesday is open 24 hours
Thursday is open 24 hours
Friday is open 24 hours
Saturday is open 24 hours
Sunday is open 24 hours

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