Exclusive Sabong International Promotions

Sabong International is one of the top online sabong sites in the Philippines and this platform offers some attractive bonuses and promotions that can help players win more real money as they play through the platform.


Our bonuses range from the standard welcome bonus to rebates and tournaments.

100% Welcome Bonus

100% Welcome Bonus

Sabong International features a 100% Welcome Bonus with a maximum cap of 25,000 PHP. This bonus allows players to get up to 25,000 PHP additional money they can cash out after fulfilling the 22x rollover requirement. The maximum cap, however, can be limiting for some bettors but the bonus itself is good enough for most people.

MIN DEPOSITBonus Max Bonus Turnover 
100 PHP100% 25,000 PHPx22

To qualify for this promotion, players must deposit a minimum of 100 PHP and a maximum of 25,000 PHP.  If bettors can rollover the bonus money long enough and get lucky with all 22 bets, then players will be able to win a few hundred thousand pesos in addition to their initial stake.

To take full advantage of this bonus, we recommend players to be informed on the best and worst sabong breeds to be able to bet on the correct roosters instead of betting randomly.

The bonus is rendered void when 30 days pass without fulfilling the rollover requirements after receiving it.

.4% Rebate Bonus

.4% Rebate Bonus

Sabong International offers a .4% daily rebate for all bettors who’ve deposited at least 100 PHP. This allows bettors to get some of their money back after betting and losing for the day.

Daily Rebate Daily Limit Turnover 
0.4% Unlimitedx1

Auto rebate mode is dispatched every day at GMT +8. This allows players to get back some of their lost money and help them continue playing.

The rebate is credited automatically and are released the next day at GMT +8.

Wheel of Fortune

Besides betting on online sabong matches, bettors can also play the platform’s Wheel of Fortune. Daily logins to the account are worth 35 points. Other missions are worth different point amounts and each spin of the wheel of fortune costs 200 points.

Wheel of Fortune

The prize list includes the following:

  • 888 PHP
  • 1-100 PHP
  • 1-50 PHP
  • 100 Activity Point
  • Apple Watch
  • iPhone 15

VIP Bonus

VIP Bonus

Sabing International bettors automatically become part of the VIP program by starting out at Level 0. Player levels can reach up to Level 20. The higher the player’s level is, the higher the bonus money that players can use.

VIP LevelUpgrade Bonus Birthday Bonus Monthly Bonus
VIP 1 – VIP 208 – 1888818 – 68888 – 5888

High rollers can take full advantage of the VIP bonus.

Sabong Tournament Promotion

Sabong International regularly hosts sabong tournaments where bettors can win up to 500,000 PHP. The goal here is to first participating by depositing at least 500 PHP and accumulating as many valid bets as possible for the entire duration of the tournament.

Sabong Tournament

Only the top 10 players can get prizes, with their respective prizes being the following:

Highest Valid Bet PlayerPrize
1st500,000 PHP
2nd200,000 PHP
3rd100,000 PHP
4th70,000 PHP
5th40,000 PHP
6th25,000 PHP
7th20,000 PHP
8th18,000 PHP
9th15,000 PHP
10th12,000 PHP

If the player qualified for one of the prizes, they can contact customer service to redeem the bonus. To cash out, players must fulfill the 2x rollover requirement. 


The bonuses listed above will greatly help bettors win more real money as long as they fulfill the rollover requirements to be able to cash them out. Casual bettors might not be able to take full advantage of the different bonuses, but they can still get lucky through the Wheel of Fortune and either get some additional gambling money or even an iPhone.

Try out are bonuses today and play for real money.