Live Sabong Tips: How to Win at Sabong

Betting on live sabong matches is fun but the main point of placing bets is to actually win real money. Just placing bets for fun without any plans of winning is essentially a waste of money especially when bettors need to constantly deposit to keep playing. Even bettors who don’t want to cash out and just want to place bets, for some reason, will want to keep winning so they won’t have to deposit any more money in the platform.

Live sabong tips

To help you win more consistently, try out our sabong tips.

Sabong Tip 1: Be Knowledgeable on Sabong Breeds

Be knowledgeable on sabong breeds

Breeders will typically use certain breeds of gamefowls to develop their own breeds for cockfighting, with most Filipino breeders using the following as base breeds:

  • Asil
  • Kelso
  • Shamo
  • Sweater
  • Hatch
  • Radio

While breeders develop their own breeds, the resulting chickens can either look nothing like their predecessors or look extremely similar with other birds that it can get confusing to distinguish one bird from another. Still, knowing the most notable physical characteristics of certain gamefowl breeds will be helpful to spot the telltale characteristics that certain birds have when checking out the roosters in the ruweda.

Certain Hatches have blue faces after inheriting certain genetic traits that make them ugly but great fighters, Shamos typically have long necks and broad chests that make them easily distinguishable, Kelsos have bright red plumages and beautiful tail feathers, and Asils have short legs, small beaks, and prominent wings.

Once bettors can distinguish the best roosters and the most aggressive ones from the competition, they’ll be able to bet on the rooster that’s more likely to win and have better chances of winning. This is especially important since breeders will typically combine breeds to try and create the perfect fighter.

Sabong Tip 2: Don’t Neglect the Ruweda

Bettors shouldn’t just place bets, even after having a good idea of what breeds were used to develop a certain gamefowl. This is because not all roosters participating in a match are necessarily healthy and in tiptop shape, so unhealthy roosters will likely lose a match even if the opponent is an inferior breed.

Meron Ruweda
Wala Ruweda

During the ruweda, bettors must check the following to ensure that they bet on the correct rooster:

  • How high a rooster can jump
  • Whether the feathers are beautiful for the breed or not
  • Whether the rooster flies well
  • Whether the beaks look good
  • How aggressive the rooster is against other roosters

More docile roosters typically won’t be able to fight well in the cockpit and can even turn tail without fighting. Betting on the other rooster can be a good idea, but betting on a draw can also be a good idea when the better rooster isn’t interested in fighting the weaker bird and doesn’t peck twice. Even if one bird is literally dying already, the other bird doesn’t automatically win since the carreo is the only deciding factor.

Sabong Tip 3: Bet on Draw from Time to Time

Draw bet

As mentioned above, the carreo decides whether a certain bird will win or not, even if one bird is already dying. If one of the two birds isn’t lively and is docile, then there is some chance that the match will end in a draw as the other bird might not be interested to continue fighting. Additionally, two hyper-aggressive birds can end a match as two nearly dying birds that can no longer peck each other twice during the carreo.

Keep in mind, however, that draws don’t happen frequently so bettors mustn’t place bets consistently to avoid more frequent losses.

Sabong Tip 4: Bet on the Favorite

Bet on the favorite

Sabong International features dynamic odds so bettors will be able to identify which rooster people think is the better bird through the low odds. This method isn’t foolproof and we recommend only using the odds as a supplementary information source after identifying the better birds yourself by finding out the breed and spotting the healthier gamefowl.


Winning real money at online sabong is possible and it can even be really simple when bettors know how to spot a good bird. Not all roosters are good fighters and not all participating roosters are necessarily in top shape when brought to cockpits. Keep an eye out for birds that come from the best gamefowl breeds and the healthiest gamefowls in the cockpit to make informed betting decisions.

Start betting on live sabong matches at Sabong International today. Use our live sabong tips to try and improve your chances of winning.

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