Sabong International Terms and Conditions

All Sabong International customers are bound to the platform’s terms and conditions the moment they register their accounts. All customers must abide by these terms to be able to continue playing and withdraw real money. The platform’s terms and conditions include the individual user’s responsibilities and do’s and don’ts of participating in the platform.

Sabong International Terms and Conditions

Any violations of Sabong International’s terms will result in either the banning of the account and/or the IP address used or the freezing of the account’s funds. To prevent any of these consequences, players must first read our terms and conditions and thoroughly understand them before they start placing bets. These can be accessed upon registration when players will first be prompted to read them before completing the initial registration process.

The basic terms of Sabong International are the following:

  • Players must at least be 18 years old to play.
  • Players must not be connected with anyone in the government, its agencies, and other online casinos.
  • Players must possess an authentic government-issued ID when completing the registration process.
  • All bonuses and promotions are only available to the registered customer and cannot be shared with other parties.
  • Any player that violates the platform’s terms and conditions when registering and playing, Sabong International has the right to reject any player’s application or terminate their account should further violations be detected.

Understanding Sabong International Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions serve as a contract between the player and the platform. Violating the terms and conditions will result in either the termination of an account or of an account’s funds being frozen. Complying with these terms will allow players to continue playing with the platform.

Understanding Sabong International terms

The most critical parts of the platform’s terms and conditions are the following:

Player Responsibilities

During the registration process, players must provide factual information and verify it with a legitimate Identification card. Players must also set up their withdrawal methods accordingly to ensure that they will be able to play for real money and withdraw their winnings along with any bonus money they may have accumulated.

Users must also only use one account to play and withdraw so as not to violate the terms of Sabong International’s bonuses and promotions. This is set in place so that players will not maliciously take advantage of the bonuses we offer to our loyal customers. Any violations will result in either the termination of accounts or funds getting frozen.

Terms and Conditions for Withdrawing Real and Bonus Money

For Sabong International customers to withdraw either real or bonus money, they must first provide the following after the initial account setup:

  • Clear and readable copy of player’s ID card
  • Player’s bank account number
  • Clear and readable copy of player’s debit or credit card

The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 PHP. The maximum daily withdrawal amount is 100,000 PHP and only three withdrawals per day.

Online Sabong Terms and Conditions

Online sabing itself also has its own terms and conditions that players must follow and the platform must adhere to. These terms dictate how games proceed and the general rules of the game. These rules are the following:

  • 1. Players can only bet once the round starts
  • 2. Players cannot place a bet once bettings are announced closed
  • 3. All bets on Meron and Wala are considered a push when a “DRAW” occurs
  • 4. All bets are returned to the player’s account should any disruption occur. These disruptions are the following:
  • Network fluctuations that interfere with the livestream
  • Network fluctuations or betting timeouts on player end
  • 5. Matches will end in a draw when the following occurs:
  • No gamecock pecks or hits twice during the Carreo
  • No winner is declared after ten (10) minutes from first contact
  • Gamecock’s knife is damaged
  • Gamecocks’ tape are incorrectly positioned
  • Gamecocks’ entry names are displayed incorrectly
  • 6. All bets cannot be cancelled once placed
  • 7. The bets’ odds and payouts fluctuate depending on the number of bets placed on them and outcomes with no bets will display odds of 1
  • 8. Skipped or duplicate fight ID numbers are normal and will not affect betting
  • 9. DRAW odds are set at 1:8
  • 10. All bets placed on an outcome with less than odds of 1 are canceled and bets are refunded

Bonus and Promotions Rules

Sabong International Bonuses and Promotions

Sabong International has specific terms and conditions for its bonuses and promotions with the key things to keep in mind of being the following:

  • Minimum deposit amount
  • Rollover requirements
  • Maximum bonus amount
  • Bonus duration validity

Sabong International Privacy Policy

Sabong International privacy policy

In addition to the terms and conditions of Sabong International, this platform also has a privacy policy to keep in mind of. This outlines how Sabong International collects, uses, and protects customer information.