Sabong International Registration and Login Guide

Registration and login guide

Sabong bettors who’ve just encountered our platform for the first time or have just downloaded the Sabong International app should start registering so they can start playing. Betting through online sabong sites is far better than commuting to local cockpits when there aren’t any nearby and betting through a reliable sabong site will ensure that players will enjoy without worries. Whether the match is livestreamed or merely pre-recorded, bettors will have 24/7 access to matches unlike in traditional cockpits where you’ll have to follow a strict shcedule.

Read our registration and login guide to know how to register at Sabong International today to start betting on sabong matches online.

What You Need for Registration

What you need for the registration process

First-time bettors will need to have the following to be able to register:

  • Desktop PC, laptop, or smartphone
  • Mobile number that hasn’t registered to Sabong International
  • Email account that hasn’t registered to Sabong International
  • Gcash, PayMaya, or GrabPay acocunt for deposits
  • Bank account for withdrawals

These are all the essentials to start placing bets. We recommend downloading the Sabong International app to be able to play through a mobile device seamlessly, but iOS users and PC users can settle for the standard online betting site instead.

Sabong International Registration Steps

Registration steps

Sabong bettors can register to our platform by following the steps below:

  1. Fill out the provided registration form by inputting the following:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Mobile number 
  • Full name
  • Currency used
  • Optional referral ID
  1. Click or tap on the “Register” button

After registering, players must then verify their accounts to finish the setup process and start playing for real money. They will need to left click or tap on the profile icon and go to “Verify” to start the verification process.

During the verification process, players will be required to provide a valid ID to confirm their identities in compliance with relevant KYC laws and to ensure that the gamblers is not using a second account. Banking information must also be setup for the withdrawal process. Both mobile number and email verifications are meant to confirm that the user has access to both the mobile number and the email account used to register in the platform through an OTP.

Failure to verify an account will result in any funds deposited into the account to stay and not be withdrawable. This helps the platform to retain any bonus money acquired through violating the platform’s terms and conditions. Additionally, the ID verification is required to ensure that the gambler is of legal age or is aged 18 or older.

Sabong International Login

After registering and logging out of Sabong International or after downloading the app after registering, players will need to log in to their accounts to be able to start or continue playing. Players are only required to provide their registered username and correct password to log in.

Sabong International login

Keep in mind that players can only have one instance of their account logged in to one device. Once a player has logged in through the Sabong International app, they will automatically be logged out from other devices. This helps players keep their accounts and gambling funds safe in case a device with Sabong International in it is lost.


Bettors will need to have an available mobile number and email account to use that hasn’t been registered yet to Sabong International. Players can register either through the Sabong International app or through the website.

Yes. Sabong International is committed to ensuring that all customer data stored in the platform are kept secure and that no player will fear having their information, login details, and banking information compromised.


Sabong International is a secure online sabong platform where you can easily join in and place bets on either live or pre-recorded sabong matches.  Once you’ve successfully registered within our platform, you can then start betting and winning real money.

Register now and start playing with us.