Sabong International Responsible Gambling Code of Practice

Sabong International actively promotes responsible gambling practices to ensure that all bettors understand the risks of online sabong betting. Gambling always comes with the inherent risk of losing real money and we recommend that gamblers follow our tips to online sabong betting to help prevent irresponsible gaming losses.

Responsible Gambling

Many bettors play irresponsibly by making use of irresponsible practices which include the following:

  • Gambler’s fallacy
  • Reckless betting
  • Non-compliance with Sabong International terms and conditions

We want all our players to treat betting on sabong matches as a leisurely activity meant for fun instead of a means to make money. We give this advice to keep our customers from sacrificing their health, finances, and relationships for the sake of gambling.

Voluntary Self Exclusion to Avoid Irresponsible Gambling

Voluntary self exclusion

We advise all players to self-exclude from gaming with Sabong International to be able to limit losses. This means knowing when to stop playing and disciplining themselves to limit losses through strict bankroll management and knowing when to stop betting. We advise players to do the following:

  • Set limits on the maximum amount they’ll bet per hour
  • Set limits on the maximum amount of losses to sustain before stopping
  • Set limits on the maximum playtime duration before stopping
  • Set limits on the maximum amount of winnings before stopping
  • Set limits on the maximum number of losing streaks before stopping

Sabong International Responsible Gaming Code of Practice

Responsible Gaming code of practice

Our Code of Practice is best understood when keeping the following in mind:

  • Sabong International comes equipped with measures to ensure that all participating players are at least 18 years of age
  • Sabong International has guidelines to handle compulsive gambling
  • Sabong International comes with tools and resources to track player transactions, winnings, and losses

Participating gamblers must be at least 18 years old to start betting through Sabong International. To enforce this, the platform requires players to verify their identity by providing an Identification card with the correct date of birth.

Additionally, participating gamblers have the option to track their spending, winnings, and losses to be able to self-exclude and practice bankroll management. Having these measures can help players manage their bankrolls and their winnings so that they can be rest assured that they can still cash out after a session of betting on sabong matches.

Responsible Gaming Tips

Responsible gaming tips

It’s normal for gamblers to have difficulty implementing personal betting limits, so we have prepared a few tips they can follow.

Treat Online Sabong as a Pastime

When betting on live sabong matches, bettors should treat it only as a pastime instead of a means to try and make a lot of money. As such, bettors must only stake the amount that they are okay with losing and to not aim to win big. If players win, then they win. If players lose, then they shouldn’t chase losses.

Bettors must only play for fun and simply enjoy watching the matches and placing bets.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bettors must set up a bankroll that they’ll use exclusively for betting. Once this has run out, then they shouldn’t replenish it as soon as possible and instead follow a set schedule to replenish it after some time has passed.

Seek Professional Help

When gambling becomes compulsive, players must consult professionals to ask for help in managing their betting habits. Don’t be ashamed to seek professional help when necessary to mitigate the risk of problem gambling.

Contact Us

Should you still have difficulty with gambling responsibly at Sabong International, come contact our customer support team through our live chat channels. Our 24/7 customer support team is ready to assist you should you need it.