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Sabong International is the top e-sabong platform in the Philippines and has gained its initial popularity during the global pandemic that kept many sabongeros indoors. The platform’s influx of players is partly owed to sabongeros who are stuck at home and those who can no longer afford to commute to local cockpits.

About Us

Sabong International became one of the top, if not the top e-sabong platform, thanks to the convenience provided by the platform to many bettors.

About Us: Who is Sabong International?

We are currently the top e-sabong platform in the Philippines. We offer real-time and pre-recorded online sabong matches for sabongeros to bet on, allowing them to enjoy cockfighting without needing to leave the house or go to an actual cockpit. While we understand that local betting does have its advantages, we’d like to remind people that while we do focus on the betting experience itself we also take convenience seriously and we aim to capitalize on this to encourage bettors to play with us.

Who is Sabong International?

Sabong International is committed to ensuring that players will not only have an enjoyable betting experience but also a secure online gaming experience. We are committed to ensuring that all customer data is stored securely in our platform with no danger of getting compromised.

About Us: What We Provide

Sabong International is built primarily to entertain sabong aficionados and allow sabongeros to have a secure betting experience. As such, we’re actively providing convenient betting options to our customers as well as high-quality livestreams where you can watch a sabong match and even distinguish the different roosters pitted against each other before the match.

What we provide

Additionally, we provide 24/7 access to matches. You won’t have to worry about any downtime when betting through us.

To further incentivize playing with us, we frequently offer sabong tournaments where you can compete against other bettors to have the greatest number of valid bets and have a chance to win 500,000 PHP. We offer convenient and accessible betting methods as well as attractive bonuses and promotions.

Download our e-sabong app so you can start betting on sabong matches using your mobile device. Game with us wherever you are.

Why Choose Sabong International?

Sabong International is committed to both providing accessible betting options as well as securing your account information. You won’t have to worry about getting scammed through our platform nor will you have to worry about bad actors stealing your data through Sabong International.

Why choose Sabong International?

We are committed to ensuring that you enjoy online sabong, have a chance to win big, and not have to worry about your data getting leaked through us.

Sabong International: Committed to Quality

Sabong International will not offer any subpar services, nor has it ever offered them in the past. We are committed to ensuring that our customers will be able to enjoy betting and have a real chance of winning real money. Pursuant to this, we also offer high-quality and informative guides on how you can win and spot natural cockfighting birds for you to bet on when seeing the birds in the cockpits.

Committed to quality

Come bet on live sabong matches with us and start winning real money. You’ll find that the experience we offer is nearly the same to that of traditional sabong betting in local cockpits. Stake low to play things safe or bet the maximum to get extremely risky. You can have a decent chance as a beginner by reviewing the dynamic odds before placing a bet.

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