How to Play Online Sabong?

Online sabong may seem to be a simple game to bet on since it only involves two chickens in a cockpit. However, the rules of sabong may not be evident at a glance and players will need to be able to take full advantage of the game’s rules if they want to win their bets.

How to Play Online Sabong

Betting on live sabong matches is extremely simple since bettors will only need to bet on Meron, Wala, or Draw to be able to play and win real money. The underlying sabong rules are more complicated, however, and not knowing these can leave bettors scratching their heads on why they didn’t win even when the other rooster is already dying and can’t fight.

How to Play Online Sabong: Rules of Sabong

Rules of Sabong

Live online sabong matches follow a certain set of rules that dictate how a typical match proceeds. These general rules of sabong matches are the following:

  • All matches consist of the ulatan, ruweda and the fight itself.
  • Fighting roosters are paired to birds with similar size, height, weight, and wingspan.
  • Fighting roosters are handled during the ruweda for inspection and evaluation by bettors.
  • Fighting roosters are outfitted with metal blades or spurs.
  • Fighting roosters fight to the death or until one or both can no longer fight.
  • Fighting roosters are allotted 10 minutes to fight a single round.
  • A fighting rooster wins when the opposing rooster does not peck twice during the carreo.

Diamond Sabong, Sabong International’s sabong provider, operates using the following sabong rules for their matches, which includes rules of bet resolutions:

  • 1. Players can only bet once the round starts
  • 2. Players cannot place a bet once bettings are announced closed
  • 3. All bets on Meron and Wala are considered a push when a “DRAW” occurs
  • 4. All bets are returned to the player’s account should any disruption occur. These disruptions are the following:
  • Network fluctuations that interfere with the livestream
  • Network fluctuations or betting timeouts on player end
  • 5. Matches will end in a draw when the following occurs:
  • No gamecock pecks or hits twice during the Carreo
  • No winner is declared after ten (10) minutes from first contact
  • Gamecock’s knife is damaged
  • Gamecocks’ tape are incorrectly positioned
  • Gamecocks’ entry names are displayed incorrectly
  • 6. All bets cannot be cancelled once placed
  • 7. The bets’ odds and payouts fluctuate depending on the number of bets placed on them and outcomes with no bets will display odds of 1
  • 8. Skipped or duplicate fight ID numbers are normal and will not affect betting
  • 9. DRAW odds are set at 1:8
  • 10. All bets placed on an outcome with less than odds of 1 are canceled and bets are refunded

Sabong Rules: What a Single Match Consists of

Each match consists of three different stages that make up a complete match. These are the ulatan, ruweda, and the match proper. The ulatan is when the roosters are paired upfor the match and usually happens off-screen to save time. The ruweda is the time when the two roosters are presented to the gamblers for visual inspection to see which one is the better bird. The fight itself is when the two roosters are dropped into the cockpit to fight for a maximum of ten minutes until one or both roosters can no longer fight.

Online sabong match

During the match itself, the referee will pick up both roosters from time to time. This occurs when one rooster is already on top of the other bird and is keeping it from continuing to fight or when one bird looks like they can no longer fight. Once the birds are picked up, the carreo commences and a winner can be decided when one bird pecks the other twice and the other doesn’t.


The match continues when the carreo showed that both roosters can still fight by pecking each other twice, regardless if one bird already has broken legs and wings. If the carreo shows that neither bird wants to peck the other bird, the match ends in a draw even if one or both birds still look healthy.

Sabong Bets to Make in a Match

Sabong bets

When placing bets, bettors will have access to three bets, which are the Meron, Wala, and Draw. The Draw bet can pay out when no bird wants to continue to fight or when the match exceeds ten minutes with no clear winner. Both Meron and Wala bets aren’t anything special and doesn’t denote any clear favorite or underdog since both bets’ odds are dynamic and changes based on bet amounts. Only Draw bet has static odds of 8.

Minimum Stake Per Bet

The minimum bet to make in live sabong matches is 20 PHP and the maximum bet is 20,000 PHP. Depositing the minimum amount to the platform essentially gives bettors a minimum of five bets.


Betting on live sabong matches is simple but can be quite complicated when keeping the rules of sabong in mind. Bettors will have to understand why their bets pushed when the other rooster is already dying if they don’t want to be confused as to why they didn’t win.

Once you’ve learned how to bet on live sabong matches, start learning how you can actually win at live sabong through our guide. Start betting now at Sabong International!

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